• by Frank Turner
  • onJune 10, 2021

VoIP changed my life forever for the better

VoIP Business Services provides cost-efficient communication solutions to companies of all sizes across the globe. VoIP is a simple technology that enables organizations to connect with their internal and external networks from any location. RingCentral is amongst the leading providers of business VoIP solutions. The company is recognized as one of the best providers of business VoIP service packages. It offers Business VoIP Phone, VoIP Internet Protocol (IP), VoIP Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and IP Network Gateway (IGG) – the features essential for smooth communication in both office and premise networks.

Companies using VoIP Business Services benefit from improved productivity,

reduced IT costs, elimination of recurrent expenses and the ability to expand into new markets. Consolidated communications in an organization have become more efficient and easy with the introduction of unified communications and call forwarding. This enables organizations to effectively communicate to and from their existing customers as well as clients in other locations. Organizations now no longer need to deploy infrastructure for voice and data networks. All employees within the organization can use unified communications and business phone services simultaneously.

Enterprises face specific security, privacy and reliability issues to communicate with their internal users and external clients. To ensure uninterrupted connectivity and mobility, all businesses should implement unified communications and business phone services provided by reputable providers. RingCentral has integrated its portfolio of communication solutions with the leading hosted PXB provider to enable organizations to achieve convergence and streamlined communications. RingCentral allows all businesses to gain easy access to unified communications and business phone services regardless of their geographical location. Businesses enjoy robust voice and data service plans, affordable VoIP calling rates and complimentary GSM, CDMA and HSDPA mobile phone services from leading providers like RingCentral.

If you are looking for a cost-efficient option to make international calls at lower rates, then prepaid VoIP is the right choice for you. With a prepaid VoIP system, you can call any countries in the world for as low as $.10 each month! You also have the freedom to make unlimited long distance calls for a single premium price. A hosted VoIP business services provider also offers mobile and web-based applications that make your VoIP system even more versatile.

To keep your costs down and maximize the productivity of your workforce,

it’s imperative that you choose a reliable Hosted IP Telephony solution. A high quality VoIP business services solution provides the essential tools for smooth communication across the board. Business owners can easily organize conferences and host webinars with ease, irrespective of their location. You can record the proceedings or hold live video conferences for members who can join after the conference has ended. An easy to use call recording wizard helps businesses manage various calls and meetings smoothly.

With a high speed internet connection and a modern wireless router, all your VoIP communication goes smoothly. You can make VoIP calls from any location with a regular telephone network. You can even make VoIP calls from your cell phone if it has an integrated VoIP system installed. For companies operating in different areas and sectors, a virtual private network (VPN) is useful in forwarding voice and data communications effectively across the network.

When talking about VoIP solutions, no one would deny that the features are pretty much similar to those of traditional phone services. This makes VoIP a great alternative for individuals and businesses that want to cut costs but are unwilling to sacrifice quality of service. For instance, with VoIP, you can place VoIP calls from any location to any other location for as little as $.10 per minute. You can also make calls from PC to PC with VoIP as well. In addition, you don’t need a traditional phone line or landline to be able to take advantage of VoIP technology. As VoIP solutions run on regular lines, even a broadband connection is sufficient to make a call.

  • VoIP solutions have become a big boon to businesses, especially to those that operate internationally.
  • Since VoIP uses an IP number rather than a telephone number, a foreign branch can easily establish a VoIP number in the local area of the international office and place VoIP calls from there.
  • Since these calls are routed through the Internet, they are free from delays and other kinds of connectivity issues common to phone services.
  • The low cost of making international VoIP calls makes them practical for international business communications.